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Trips to Italy

Italy, which is an adorable country has everything for a great holiday. Your holidays to Italy will bring you the magnificent scenery which is varied with olive groves, citrus and vineyards. Get an opportunity to treat yourself with endless attractions, shopping and delicious food. From Roman Colosseum to beautiful Alps, stunning lakes into a sparkling sea and wide sandy beaches, Italy has something to offer to everyone.

About Italy

Travel to southern Italy and its islands is something truly extraordinary. Here awaits for you a beautiful dramatic coastline, beautiful sandy beaches, azure seas and wonderful good food. You are greeted by an extravagance of art and culture, whether you are on the cozy weekend in a small village or in a major city of culture such as Florence and Rome.

It's probably on many people's wish to someday get to spend their holidays at a winery. To wake up and look out over the wonderful surroundings of olive groves that shimmers like silver and fields where the wines are crowding like the line is truly a truly unique experience for everyone.

In Italy you can choose the holidays that suits you and your family the best. We have a large number of beautiful places on the Adriatic, with good hotels and spacious holiday apartments. Here in Italy you can spend your holidays nice and relaxed on the kilometer-long sandy beaches stretching along a stunning coastline lined with lively beach resorts. We also have several nice accommodations along the Italian Riviera, where green hills looking down against a blue sea. We of course also offer accommodations in a few of Tuscany's very popular seaside resorts. In the inner Tuscany you can choose to spend your vacation on the vineyard, hotel or rent a private house with swimming pool. So the possibilities for booking your favorite holidays to Italy are huge.

Map of Italy

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