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Trips to Riga

Riga is a capital of Latvia and often regarded as a city where East meets the West. There is very good selection of both bars and restaurants, good opportunities for great shopping and the prices are lower compared to many other European capitals.

About Riga, Baltic Sea

The beautiful town feels small and intimate and you have everything within walking distance. Do you want to get around any other way you can for examplechoose between bus, tram and taxi, which is quite affordable. We recommend, however, to fix the price for taxi before you jump in.

In Riga there is much to see, especially the historical monuments. 1800-century palaces, avenues and beautiful boulevards contributes to the beautiful, historic atmosphere that constantly reminds you where you are in the city.

There are plenty of nice venues and nightclubs. The country has a rich cultural tradition. Why not relax with an opera or theater visits. Are you here in the summer so take the opportunity to pay a visit to beautiful beaches here. You can also relax at the Spa, sailing or playing golf.

Riga has much to offer its guests. Some things that are popular are: House of Blackheads - beautiful cathedral from the 1300s, the Ratslaukums 7th Central Market - big market where you can find everything from clothing to food and much more. Riga certainly has to offer something to everyone.

Map of Riga

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