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Trips to Thailand

Crystal clear water, paradise beaches with swaying palm trees, the warmth and hospitality of the people and great thai food will bring you an unforgettable experience to your Thailand holidays . There is a lot to see and experience in Thailand and the wide variation between the different parts of the country and the islands brings you a unique experience. The thing that most people associate with Thailand are the countless temples that are worth visiting. It is both exciting and instructive to go on a guided tour and learn about the Thai culture.

About Thailand

A large number of people choose Thailand holidays just because of the great thai food apart from several other wonderful traits which this country has to offer. Thai cuisine offers exotic flavors like lime, coconut milk, chilli, ginger, coriander and pineapple. Seafood is very affordable and the strong spices in Thai cuisine enriches the experience.The climate in Thailand is wonderfully warm throughout the year. With palm trees at the water and azure sea, Thailand has some of the world’s best and beautiful beaches. Wherever you go in Thailand you are greeted by smiles and smiles again which makes it impossible to be not happy when you are enjoying your vacations in Thailand.

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Map of Thailand

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