Save up to 20% on Stena Line Ferries

Book ferry and accommodation at the same time and save up to 20% on the ferry!

Sembo always gives you up to 20% discount on Stena Line ferries if you book accommodation + ferry at the same time. This discount is automatically applied when you book at least one accomodation and a ferry at the same time.

Save up to 20% on Stena Line Ferries

Enjoy a relaxing ferry crossing. Stena Line is one of the world's largest ferry companies with a modern fleet of 38 vessels and Europe's most extensive network of over 20 ferry routes between Ireland, Great Britain, France, Netherlands and in the Baltic Sea.

Stena Line operates the following routes from the Ireland:

Belfast - Cairnryan

Belfast - Liverpool

Dublin - Holyhead

Rosslare - Fishguard

Rosslare - Cherbourg

On the ferry, you can enjoy a good meal, shop in the store and enjoy the views and fresh sea air from the deck. And best of all, enjoy time to spend with your loved ones.

Trips with Ferries to Mainland Europe

Via Stena Line, Rosslare - Cherbourg route

Trips with Ferries to Scotland and Northern England

Via Stena Line, Belfast - Cairnryan route

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