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Trips to Norway

Norway is a beautiful country with lot of mountains and beautiful valleys. But Norway has so much more to offer obviously ski trips to Norway is perhaps the first thing everyone think of but why not travel to Norway during summer when the green valleys blossom everywhere all around this beautiful country.

About Norway

A trip to Norway during the spring, summer and autumn almost a must. Its fjords is an experience in itself, you will find among other things, the world's longest fjord, Sognefjord, is one of the most beautiful fjords, Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mountains in Norway offer breathtaking scenery and Norway is actually the country in Europe that has highest density for mountain peaks above 2000 meters. More beautiful roads are hard to find anywhere else in the world. The best way to explore Norway is done by travelling on car around the country. Why not start in Oslo and then slowly explore the country by a drive. We offer hotels, apartments and vacation homes. To live in a house in the mountains is an experience in itself. You will never be more closer to nature except when you decide to visit this beautiful country. Do you prefer to stay outside of the cities, we recommend gladly mountain hotels. There are many different packages with or without dinner. In big cities, we have a large and varied selection of hotels and apartments . For the active holidaymaker, Norway is the ultimate destination. Here you can choose between all the different kinds of activities like rock climbing, rafting, mountain hiking, fishing and much more. Several mountain hotels provide active families with various activities. Many of our hotels and apartments offer great discounts for children and young people on housing. Some hotels offer kids stay free. Are you a big family, or just want to escape the hotel environment then we have various holiday homes and apartments for you as well.

Winter in Norway has a great variety for everyone. We have an extensive winter program and can offer you a ski trip you will not be disappointed. Trysil, Geilo, Hafjell, and the Hafjell Rjukan are just some of our favorite destinations for the ski trip. Whichever ski trip you are looking for, we have certainly something just for you.

Map of Norway

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